Company profile

CHEMPEX-HTE is a highly skilled engineering and delivery company working in the field of the refinery and petrochemical industries. Our main focus is on the design and supplies of fired heaters, waste heat recovery systems and burner systems.

The expertise of our employees started to form within a significant state-owned industrial group. Since 1991, it has been developing in a private joint-stock company. The team of our employees has been stabilised for more than 25 years and it has been systematically extended by promising young people hired for the positions of engineering and technological designers. We cooperate with prominent scientific institutes and bring innovations and new solutions based on the needs of our customers.

The major feature of the company’s development has been its stable and continuous growth. Currently, we are a financially strong and healthy company that is able to deliver major-scale orders both locally and internationally.

The company has a major position in the market as the supplier of fired heaters. The major customers are refineries in Czech (Litvínov, Kralupy) and Slovakia (Bratislava). In the recent years, the share of deliveries abroad has been increasing. The most important destinations for our export are refineries in Russia, Germany, Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Iraq and Syria.

The long-term objective of the company is to secure a stable growth of the business, to improve our competitiveness and market share, and to increase confidence and earn a good reputation at our customers and other trading partners.

Our customers