Main products

We carry out designs, engineering, fabrication, installation and start-up of fired heaters for a wide range of applications in refinery and petrochemical industries.

  • Refinery and petrochemical heaters

    • Topping heaters
    • Vacuum heaters
    • Reboilers
    • Reactor charge heaters
    • Catalytic reformers and platforming
    • Hydrocracking
    • Start-up heaters
    • Regeneration heaters
    • Hot oil heaters
    • Oxygen and gas heaters
    • Steam superheaters
    • Heaters for preheating of steam

  • Reaction heaters

    • Visbreaking
    • Thermal cracking
    • Coking

  • Steam reforming heaters for ammonia, methanol, hydrogen plants on the basis of process design of licensors
  • Ethylene cracking heaters on the basis of process design of licensors
  • Waste heat recovery units (WHRU)

    • Gas turbine WHRU
    • Waste heat boilers on heaters
    • Waste heat boilers on steam reformers
    • Heat recovery steam generation units

A special category of our services are reconstructions and modernizations of old heaters focussed mainly on saving of fuel and increase in efficiency, which are performed with regard to layout limitations (the existence of heaters and neighbouring equipment) and residual life time of the individual parts.